Flagship Store Mobalco - Valencia

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Walking through the Pla del Remei, at the intersection of Pizarro and Cirilo Amorós, you can find yourself in front of its imposing wooden doors, which will make you look up to contemplate and enjoy the whole building. It is none other than the well-known Ferrer Building, one of the most representative symbols of Modernism in our city, where the Mobalco Valencia Kitchen Flagship Store is based.

From the moment a Mobalco flagship store was conceived in the Valencian capital, this emblematic Art-Nouveau building was the point chosen to house a new, inspiring project, in tune with the care and detail typical of Vicente Ferrer's building.

The work of the architect Rubén Muedra, the Mobalco Valencia kitchen showroom recovers the essence of the original premises. Thus, during the process, all the exposed brick masonry walls were rehabilitated, both the perimeter and the interior walls and the characteristic semicircular arches. With this same idea of recovering the essential, all the "wounds" of the walls are visible, which give the space great personality.

Nothing is left to chance in a building where symmetry and harmony coexist, where small is beautiful.

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